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Speed and Angels


Speed & Angels Trailer

Speed & Angels is a documentary about chasing dreams, about the importance of family ties, about the fine line that separates life from death, about the power of will—but ultimately, it is a movie about the passage from adolescence to adulthood and the process of self-discovery that this journey entails. Since their childhoods, Jay and Meagan have dreamt of becoming fighter pilots. Speed & Angels captures these young naval aviators in their efforts to realize their childhood dreams. Filmmaker Peyton Wilson immortalizes Jay and Meagan's fascination with the F-14 Tomcat through extraordinary aerial footage and striking cockpit photography. From dogfights in the Nevada desert and night landings on aircraft carriers to wartime deployments to Iraq, this documentary promises to enthrall its audiences by transporting them to Jay and Meagan's world of speed and angels.

Last of the Dogfighters, VFC-13 Saints

VFC-13 Saints. A peek into the lives of the pilots and their families.

Pulling 7Gs

Ever wonder what it's like to pull 7 G's? Apparently short, red-meat-eating, beer-drinking guys have an advantage. This funny clip is from the movie Speed and Angels.

How to be a Fighter Pilot

Humorous description of fighter pilots and "what it takes."

CatApulting from Aircraft Carrier

Awesome audio of pilots getting catapulted off aircraft carriers. Film clip from Speed and Angels.

F-14 Dogfight

Remember the scenes from Top Gun? This is real footage of f-14s tearing it up in dogfight training, including the last female to be trained as F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot. These clips are from the action documentary Speed and Angels.